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Unveiling History: Crafting a Timeless Legacy for the City of Holladay, Utah

Welcome to an exciting journey behind the scenes as we delve into the meticulous process of developing a memorable historical experience in collaboration with the dedicated staff of Holladay City. At the heart of this endeavor is a commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage that has shaped the community of Holladay.

Below is a quick read-through on the process we took to develop this concept. 1. In-depth Dialogues with City Staff: From the outset, our collaboration with Holladay City's staff has been characterized by open conversations and shared enthusiasm. Through collaborative workshops and brainstorming sessions, we've tapped into the wealth of knowledge held by city historians and officials, ensuring that their insights and strict criteria shape the very essence of our historical concept. From Concept to Canvas: Bringing Ideas to Life 1. Research and Discovery: Together with city staff, we embarked on an immersive journey into Holladay's history. Research, archival exploration, and on-site visits have been pivotal in unearthing the stories that will form the backbone of our historical experience. 2. Collaborative Conceptualization: The concept development phase became a dynamic exchange of ideas. City staff brought forward key themes, pivotal moments, and untold narratives, while our design team translated these insights into a cohesive and engaging concept that captures the spirit of Holladay.

Concept sketch of Holladay City Utah's historical walk
Quick Conceptual idea sketch

Nurturing Authenticity: Balancing Vision with Historical Accuracy 1. Striking the Right Balance: Preserving authenticity while ensuring an engaging experience has been a delicate balancing act. Regular consultations with city staff have been instrumental in ensuring that our concept not only aligns with historical accuracy, resonates with the community's values, but holds to the strict criteria set by the city. 2. Feedback Loops and Refinement: Collaboration doesn't end with the initial concept; it's an iterative process. Regular check-ins and feedback loops with city staff have guided us through refinements, ensuring that every detail contributes to a historically rich and emotionally resonant experience. 3. Final proposed concepts completed: After the city staff gave us final approval of the proposed concept, we went to work to finalize the concepts visuals and design intent documents. Once completed we were graciously asked to present the final concept to Holladay’s city council, which was well received by all council members.

3D model concept bird's eye view, Holladay's Historical Walk
3D model concept bird's eye view, Holladay's Historical Walk

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