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From our involvement planning and designing visitor experiences, we strongly support quality documentation. This specific document embodies everything necessary to describe and visually express what’s intended for the project. While moving through the design phases, the document grows as a result of more definition and refinement. The design intent document can be used at any time during the project’s development to communicate to stakeholders, architects, contractors, and fabricators.

BYU Loge Game Day Experience

Here is an example of a design intent document that communicates the initial concept. After concept approval, this document would then continue to expand through the subsequent phases.

design intent document of BYU luge

Polynesian Cultural Center

This example demonstrates a schematic design level document. This document will include all interior finishes, materials, cabinetry, and rough dimensions.

design intent document of Polynesian cultural center Hukilau Marketplace

Tracy Aviary

Here is a fun example of a design development phase document. Specific exhibit elements are fully developed, exhibit text and audiovisual scripts are written, graphic layouts are developed, objects and images are cataloged, and interactive exhibit concepts are evaluated.

design intent document of Tracy Aviary
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